Poker tournament strategy for you: critical phases

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To improve our strategy in poker tournaments, it is highly recommended that we establish a series of differences in our bets, based mainly on the number of blinds we have at any given time. Click here for judi online.

Generally, if we make it to the final table, we will do so when the blinds are relatively large, and it is very likely that there are not many chips in our bank. In any case, these tips are used for that moment when we are at the table at the end or about to reach it, or when we simply have very few chips and we are on the verge of elimination.

We consider phase critical in poker tournaments if we have less than 11 big blinds

To know when to apply these tips, we will take into account the number of blinds we have. With less than 11 we consider that we are in a critical phase, which can happen when we reach the final table, or in the first hands, if we have had a bad play and we have been on the verge of being eliminated. Visit this site for judi online.

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For example, we have 1650 chips, and the value of the big blind is 300. We have 5.5 blinds. We are in a critical phase.

Aggressive approach

The game in this part of the poker tournaments must be more aggressive than in other phases. We have few chips, but winning small pots (for example by stealing blinds) can greatly increase our bankroll due to the high value of the blinds, so we will develop a more aggressive game. For this we will take into account several factors, apart from the pair of cards that we have pre-flop: the position at the table, the bets of the rivals (if any), and from which position those bets come. Keep in mind that if someone raises from early speaking position, their hand is likely to be very strong.

With which hands should I raise in this phase

It is recommended that all bets at this stage be All-in. If you are in BTN or SB, you can bet with any pair, and with any pair of figures (AJ, KQ, QJ, …), only if the hand comes clean (no bets). If you are in another position, you should at least have a pair of 4 or higher or a pair of tall figures (AK, KQ, AJ,…).

If there have already been bets, even if they are only to call the big blind, you must be a little more conservative, your opponents may have a dangerous hand. Here it is recommended that you bet (always all-in) at least with a pair of six or higher, or if you carry an Ace with any other card. With any other hand, even if it seems good to you (KQ, KJ, …), it is better to fold and wait for the next one, remember that poker tournaments are a long- distance race, and the important thing is to resist.

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