The impact of online gaming on mental health

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Excessive use of gaming can have negative effects on mental health. The fact that the majority of teenagers report playing video games at least once a week indicates the availability and accessibility of online games are increasing.

Gaming’s impact on mental health is becoming especially concerning as it continues to grow in popularity among younger demographics, such as teenagers and elementary school students. Some studies have shown that excessive gaming has led to mood disorders, anxiety, depression, decreased empathy, obesity, addiction, and cognitive dysfunction.

Online สูตรสล็อต games have also been associated with social isolation, cyber bullying and violent behavior from youth toward others in the game. It is worth noting that the game agents themselves do not cause these negative effects but instead by how players interact. This interaction is highly dependent on the culture of the game community itself.

As gaming grows in popularity, we need to pay attention to its impact on young people and provide them with additional mental health resources and insight into healthy gaming practices.

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Playing video games strongly increases positive feelings and decreases the likelihood of negative ones. Researchers at University of Rochester had college students play different video games for 30 minutes, which increased their positive moods by 68% and decreased their negative moods by 25%. This study demonstrates that video games are not just about fun and leisure but can also improve a person’s emotional state.

Video/computer games have been linked to overall happiness in different studies. In one specific study, people who frequently played video/computer games were found to have higher levels of life satisfaction than those who did not. This shows that playing video games does not hurt happiness but instead, can have a positive impact on it.

Video games have also been shown to correlate to how much you enjoy life positively; ability to deal with negative emotions; increase your self-esteem, motivation and overall well-being.

The majority of evidence shows that playing video games is a positive experience and has positive effects on the people who enjoy it. The benefits of video games are derived from their social feedback which allows for deeper engagement with the player in a virtual environment. This increased engagement creates an overall better experience for the player, leading to higher levels of happiness.

In conclusion, video games do not negatively influence the population but instead positively impact the people who enjoy them. The fact that they can also positively affect the individual’s happiness and overall well-being points towards their importance as a recreational activity.

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