What types of baccarat are there online?

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As with many casino games, baccarat online comes in different versions. Experienced players can let off steam to their hearts’ content and test the game in a fast and turbulent version, while we recommend new players to a classic judi online baccarat game. Here you can find some exciting versions at a glance.

Classic baccarat is perfect for fans of a traditional baccarat experience. The standard games are also suitable for newbies. The classic baccarat game follows the standard baccarat rules and the pace is regulated and not too fast, so that new players can also find their way into the mechanics of the game. The order is that of a traditional land-based casino game. Each game round in classic online baccarat lasts around 48 seconds.

There is also a live version of online baccarat. It is very similar to the classic variant, but is played with a live dealer. You can communicate directly with this and your fellow players, just like James Bond. With Live Baccarat you can also feel at home in front of the screen like in the Montecarlo Casino. However, these games are currently not available in online game libraries.

Baccarat Squeeze

This baccarat variant is largely based on the traditional baccarat rules, but differs in how the croupier reveals the cards. He reveals the cards depending on the bets placed in the round. This quickly reveals the hand that is associated with the lower total stake. Cards dealt to the hand associated with the highest total bet amount are thus pushed. There is also the Baccarat Control Squeeze version, in which the player can take control of the issue of the cards.

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Speed Baccarat

The name says it all, things get down to business quickly here. This online baccarat version is for you if you are looking for a super-fast version of the classic game. So it is not really suitable for beginners, because the baccarat rules have to be right at the pace played. This baccarat game also comes with more betting options. In speed baccarat the cards are dealt face up, with each game round only lasting a short 27 seconds.

Dragon Tiger Baccarat

This baccarat game is the easiest and fastest version at the same time. The goal is to predict which of the hands – the dragon or the tiger – will win or whether there will be a tie.

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