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Ever wondered how life as a professional gambler would be? If I were to ask this question to a gambler, he would definitely say that the thrills and the unexpected journeys of the business Is what makes his life enjoyable and something he can look forward to. According to professional gambler Jim Douglas who has said that he earns around 8000 to 30000 dollars a month, this gambling business is much better than a full time job with a fat pay check.

The strategy: If you are a newbie and have no prior knowledge about gambling or betting of any sort you are bound to be cheated. Though various websites have come up with their own articles claiming that they can help the people not many have been able to provide substantial results. There have been a number of websites like mega888 bonus etc.

What do the experts say: Blaming this on the gamers, professional gamblers say that it is the marketing gimmicks that are most lucrative? If you are a pro you will know the pitfalls involved. Else you will easily fall prey to the gimmicks. Giving an example, they say that if we consider the slot game for instance. The first twelve rounds are given to be played free of cost. If you do not win anything, well luck is not on your side. However, if you win and want to continue you are risking it. The reason being that you need to play free till the 24th count and have to pay for the rounds after the 25th count. If luck does smile on you, you might be able to pay back the amount you have earned. But if you are on the wrong side of your luck for the day, you might end up being bankrupt.

So how to deal at casinos: Be rational is what professionals say. You need to be able to visualize and calculate as to how you can maximize your profits. Also, as a gambler, your main aim should be to be able to earn the maximum you can manage by spending as little as possible and never get over greedy.

The most important factor: Something that most of the websites like mega888 bonus ignore is that as a gambler you need to be very patient and also know when to quit. This would ensure your money is safe. On the other hand , the more concentration you play towards the game. The chances of winning will increase. This will also enhance your skills.

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