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The famous game Poker, which in today’s world have made a special place. It was a game given by China to the whole world. It was the famous Tang Dynasty of China in the 9th century, from where the game originated. From China to Europe and Europe to all the other countries, Poker made its mark on the world. You can play poker at ufabet.

Fundamentals of Poker:

It is played with five cards. The game is started on a table with at least two players on the table. Five cards each get distributed to the players; competition is started with a minimum bet on the table from both sides. The player with the best hand wins the game, but that is not always true, as this is a game of rules and bluff and mind reading. The opponent has two options; either call or concede.

Best Winning Hands of Poker:

The winning hands consist of many combinations, ranking from the highest hand to the lowest hand.


  • Five of a Kind

Rank number 1 goes to this hand, as this is the highest-ranked hand of the game. The hand can be made in the deck of 53 cards, where the joker is also included. Joker acts as a wild card and plays the role of the same kind of card in the group. 4 Aces and a wild card, in this wild card will also be treated as Ace, so that the hand has 5 Aces, and it is one of the top-ranked highest hand. Three kings with two wild cards, where two wild cards will play the role of 2 kings, and the hand will consist of five kings and so on.

  • Straight Flush

This hand is made only in the deck of 52 cards without having any wild cards. The straight sequence of a diamond having an arrangement of A, K, Q, J, ten or a series of the heart having an order of 8,7,6,5,4 and so on. This is the second-highest ranked winning hand.

  • Four of a kind

This hand is the third-highest ranked hand in-game. Similar to five of a kind, the here wild card is not used. Four aces, four kings, and so on are some examples of this hand.

Though Poker has many more hands, Full house, Flush, Straight, three of a kind, Two pair, One pair, and the least ranking hand to be no pair. But, the above hands are termed as the best winning hands of the game, which have the most negligible probability.

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