Important things to know while you play online poker first time

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Online poker game has become very popular with advantage of internet. There evolved many online sites offering this game, which is easy to access anywhere, anytime and can be played by anyone. It is more popular because it is fun, easy and less risky when played online. It can be accessed on laptop or even on a smartphone with internet connected to it an can win real money.

When you are going to play online you need to download the game software from the site in which you want to play. After that you should create user account to sign-in, which they ask to and age limit is above 18years to play the game. You need to deposit money and unlock the money, usually require credit or any prepaid card so, make sure you have one. You should also be careful about the online site read all the terms and conditions and check policy of the site and get a free guide about the game before you play. There are different types of IDN Poker games like tournaments, sit & go’s, cash games;

Sit & go’s: Sit & go’s are very small games compared to other with only one table of players. They are played for very less period of time and rewards acquired are also small.

Online Tournaments: In this game You should pay for your buy-in and get a stack of chips. The time you have no more chips in your hands then you are out of the tournament, while the player who collects all chips is obviously the winner. At the same time this game is cheap and also potential to win, where you deposit small amounts like $10 and can expect to win million.

Cash games: Cash games are played for minimum of 10 minutes and maximum of 10 hours and also called ring game. They are played with chips, which have real value and you can cash out with your chips anytime.

Beginner table and multi tables

When you are new player youno need to deposit more money, and can go with small stakes of $50 and can choose$2 or $5 games and play until you win a bet. Many sites offer free-play games, which are played for trail free and no need to deposit any money and can gain some knowledge. Many sites offer beginner tables, where it is one table of players and by playing you can experience the game.

Multiple tables is where some professionals play on as many tables as 8 at a time. Here you can win double the amount.

Either you win or loose, you can gain some experience and can learn from odds you made and can win real money in the game.

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