An idea about the introduction of the name Poker

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As a gambler, you might have heard about the term poker many times. It is a popular card game which has been played for several centuries. but are you aware of the origin of the popular Agen Judi Online game i.e Poker? If no, then read on to find out about it.

The game of Poker is a card game that got its current name in the early 19th century. Although it is a recent event, yet the exact origin of the name of this game is yet not known. But two most popular theories are related to the most probable origin of its name.

The first theory states that the game poker has got its name from the name of a popular French card game which was similar to poker and was called “Poque”. Another theory states that the name originated from a German card game known as “Pochspiel” which is also similar to poker. This name pochspiel originated from the word “Pochen” which means to bluff or brag. Poker is also sometimes called a bluff, even now.

According to the view of most historians and gamblers of Poker, the first theory i.e. origin from the French “poque” term is highly preferred. This is because Poker had originated first in the city of New Orleans at the beginning of the 19th century and then it spread across the world. It is now one of the most popular card games played in Agen Judi Online websites and land-based casinos too.

New Orleans was famous for the game of Poque which was commonly played here. It is also considered as the origin location of Poque. But we cannot ignore the fact that the meaning of the German term Pochen is quite similar to the current meaning of Poker

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